Shari M. Capra, P.C.


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Marissa Theisen

President, Win Win Creations

"Shari and I have co-mediated on several occasions and I know her to be an excellent mediator.  Among her many strengths is her considerable expertise in divorce and family mediation. She always strives to achieve win-win results for all concerned."  M. Theisen, Win-Win Creations.


Jeanne Colasanti


"Shari has been an esteemed colleague of mine over the last 30 years, working in partnership in mediation training, Mediation Associates and Families Embracing Handicaps.  On a personal level I have sought her counsel for a dissolution of marriage issue (which resulted in a reconciliation).  I have utmost respect and admiration for Shari's firm, clear and compassionate manner in guiding those in conflict toward a satisfying resolution."  J. Colasanti, Ed.D.


Mark Goldman

Author, master storyteller and professional colleague

"Shari is one of the most intuitive mediators that I have worked with.  One of her greatest assets for clients is her ability to 'reframe' negatives into positives so that clients can begin to understand issues from different perspectives."  Mark Goldman, M.A., Author