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Shari M. Capra

3030 N. 3rd Street, Suite 1300

Phoenix, AZ 85012-3099

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About the Mediator:  Shari M. Capra, Esq.

My Motto: Helping Families & Individuals to Create Their Own Solutions

SHARI M. CAPRA, Esq., has over thirty years of mediation and legal experience in the areas of family and probate law. Ms. Capra now concentrates her energies in the field of private mediation where she has worked with couples going through the marital dissolution process, parents wishing to develop effective parenting plans, families seeking assistance with school and residential placements or healthcare arrangements for a child or family member with special needs and coaching people on how to communicate with each other regarding difficult topics such as caring for a family member with physical or mental challenges.

Ms. Capra is an Advanced Practitioner Member of the Association for Conflict Resolution, ACR, a national organization of dispute resolution professionals. She participates in a number of professional & civic associations which promote the use of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution services in the community. She is a past president and current board member of The Maricopa County Association of Family Mediators, MCAFM, a member and previous board member of the Arizona Association for Conflict Resolution, AACR.

Ms. Capra assists the Maricopa County Superior Court in the capacity of a settlement conference facilitator for contested probate and elder care cases. Ms. Capra is a member of the State Bar Elder Law and Mental Health and Alternative Dispute Resolution Sections. She has participated in seminars for attorneys and fiduciaries sponsored by NAELA, National Association of Elder Law Attorneys.

Ms. Capra is active in various civic activities including Project Civil Discourse which sponsors community forums on important topics, the O’Connor House Project which promotes the living legacy of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor by encouraging community members to engage in civil talk which leads to civic action and Sojourner Center, a domestic violence shelter for women and children which Ms. Capra helped to found.

Practice Areas:

  •   Pre-Marital Agreements

  •   Non-marital partnership (living together) agreements

  •   Legal Separation Agreements

  •   Marital Settlement Agreements

  •   Non-Contested Dissolution of Marriage

  •   Parenting Time Agreements (married & unmarried parents)

  •   Child Support Agreements

  •   Spousal Support (Alimony) Agreements

  •   Grandparent Visitation Agreements

  •   Parental Relocation Agreements

  •   School & Placement Agreements for Special Needs Children

  •   Elder Care Arrangements

  •   End of Life and Estate Planning Arrangements

  •   Probate Matters

Professional Services:

  •   Mediation

  •   Mediation Consultant

  •   Small Group Facilitation

  •   Legal Consultation for Non-Contested Matters

  •   Communication Coaching


Please contact Ms. Capra at:

3030 North 3rd Street, Suite 1300
Phoenix, AZ 85012-3099
Phone: 602-385-1745
Fax: 602-385-1747


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Shari M. Capra, P.C.